Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Hello and thank you for being patient with us. Between vacations and back-to-school times, we have not been able to post very much.
But hopefully we will be able to post more sooner rather than later.
More cool stuff will follow!
Your friend,
PS- Did you see we were featured on Doll Diaries "Spotlight Sites"? How awesome is that!
PPS- Are you ready for BeForever? We are apprehensively awaiting it.

Monday, July 21, 2014

'On Writing' - Tips by Kit


I have been wanting to do this post for some time, and Cornelia gave me the 'okay' to type it up!
I am sorry I haven't posted very much lately; I have been under the weather. You see, I am an older doll, and my limbs are very loose. I will have to have an operation to fix that. 
I am a little nervous.
Regardless of my predicament, I am here today to give you tips and tricks for writing everything from non-fiction to novels and everything in between.
There are a few basic rules for writing:

1) Show and Don't Tell
When you write, it is much more interesting to say "The city trembled in fear" than it is to say, "There was an earthquake". 
Do you see the difference? A little figurative language make for a much more interesting description than point-blank facts.

2) Use Strong Verbs, Not Nouns
This is a trick for maximum impact. Instead of being overly flowery with your nouns, use action-packed verbs to make an impression. 
Instead of "The infant child slept in his bassinet by the wood-burning hearth"
You could say, "A baby dozing near the fire wailed when it became too hot".

3) Grammar is Important!
No one appreciates poor grammar. Your teachers, friends and editors will thank you when you use an apostrophe correctly and spell xenophobia correctly.

4) Give Nonfiction a Purpose and Fiction a Plot
Everyone has opened a magazine at some time or another to find a cover story on a topic that they were interested in, only to find that the article rambles on without purpose for pages and pages.
The same is true for novels. 
What an interesting idea! You think, only to find that there is not purpose and nothing holding your attention enough to keep flipping the pages. 

5) Write What You Would Want to Read
Don't write anything that you see as trendy right now. There are a variety of reasons for this. First, it is a trend, which means it will be harder to sell your manuscript once it's finished, because everyone is writing the same dystopian love story, just with different names and locales. 
Also, why would you invest 10,000 hours to write a book or article you are not passionate about? 
Write a book you would want to tell your friends about. 
Write the article that you will be proud to speak about in front of crowds.

Write what makes you happy.

I hope this helps!
Your Friend, 


Thursday, July 17, 2014

'Picnic' - a photo story

Welcome to our blog!
Today, Addy and Samantha decided to have a picnic lunch.
(Though Sam declared that they were dining 'al fresco').
They wanted me to take their pictures, and so I decided that a post might be in order.


"This looks like a good place to set up," Samantha says to Addy.


"Do you mind setting up?"


"Why are you so monosyllabic?" Sam asks Addy.

"I'm not me when I'm hungry." 
(Addy's stomach growls)

"Isn't that a candy bar slogan?"

"Maybe...but it wasn't at first!"

"Well, then. Why don't we just begin noshing."


"A bug appears to have crawled into my cup. I will not be drinking that!"

"There's nothing in mine except delicious liquid goodness!"

"Why don't we play hide-and-see-"

"Tag. I found you!"

"What a beautiful day!"


Friday, July 4, 2014

'Summer Thieves' - Our Latest from YouTube

And happy Fourth (for all of our American followers)!

We made a video for our YouTube account (search "AG Collage") detailing Ruthie's romance with the twilit bay.

It's an audiovisual scrapbook, which means you can interpret it like a photo shoot set to music.

What are you doing today?

We're going to head into the city and do street fair festivities.

Stay safe, and enjoy the fireworks!


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

'BeForever' - we asked; they answered (Q&A with American Girl)

Hello, lovely AG Bloggers!

We (like you) were wondering about American Girl's upcoming 'BeForever' line (a.k.a. the re-packaged Historical Characters).

And so, we wrote to AG's customer service and they answered us (beyond the typical "Thanks for your email; we can't disclose anything at this time"-type).

We asked:

1) Will the books be completely
re-written to not include the archived characters (Ivy and Ruthie)?
"Girls will be able to further explore the BeForever world through exciting
choose-your-own-adventure Journey books that are narrated by a modern
girl who travels back in time to meet a particular historical character.
The reader?s journey back-in-time can take whatever twists and turns she
chooses, as she selects from a variety of exciting options in the
multiple-ending stories.  At this time, we are uncertain if our archived
characters will be included."

2)Will there be new illustrations for all of the books, or just the cover?
"Our new books will include new covers and illustrations."

3) Will Addy and Kaya ever have 'friend' dolls made? (Because Sara and
Speaking Rain would be adorable!) 
"We are sorry, at this time, we have no plans to offer best friends for
Addy and Kaya."

4) Will the books be condensed? I see
that there are less than six volumes (as per the usual amount)?
"In addition, we've adapted and repackaged each character?s classic
six-book series to a new two-volume novel format.  The content and
essence of the stories remains the same. With the launch of BeForever,
we felt there was an opportunity to update the books to reflect recent
consumer research, indicating that the level and size of books girls are
reading today is increasing. At 180-200 pages, our hope is that the new
two-volume books are more age-appropriate and will offer girls a more
in-depth, engaging look at each character and their world."

Wow! We are going to have to buy all of our HC's six-book sets, and soon!

So, what is the point of all of this?

It's really up to you...you can interpret as good, bad, interesting, horrible, spectacular...

But it will definitely be exciting!

Yours, Cornelia and Blaire

(All words in quotation marks are from the American Girl Representative who answered our questions. We do not claim the copyright to those words!)

Friday, June 27, 2014

Nova! Nova! Nova!

(That's Latin for 'new'.)

What do you think of AG's new releases?

I (Cornelia) like MyAG 61's hair (it looks a lot more realistic than Saige's, for one thing) BUT she has no freckles and the Classic a.k.a. Redundant face mold.

As a girl of Celtic descent I must say: It is biologically impossible for redheads to not have freckles. Redheads can tan (my cousin MM is living proof) but 61 has fair skin, not tanned skin.


(And has anyone ever wondered why they come numbered? It's kind of like an AG Social Security number if you think about it!)

Anyway, we like that Coconut's back. The corgi's cute, too. Not so much the apricot poodle (Cooper, anyone?). The ironic thing is: the pets are now expensive, as opposed to the playsets. That is some sort of twisted logic known as Capitalism.


Blaire and I have been wondering for a long time about AG makeup. And now they've come out with some for Isabelle. But you can't actually apply it...we were hoping for better.

(And do they really expect the average consumer to pay $36 for empty plastic boxes?? No, thank you.)

As we get older, we realize that American Girl is, in the end, for young girls. But when did 'following your inner star' become so expensive?

On the flip side, Clarisse's Closet just put up new items on Etsy- they are adorable!

See you in cyberspace,


Friday, June 20, 2014

'By the Bay' - a photo story

Blaire and I are vacationing this week, and we decided that Ruthie needed some R&R.
She's pretty devastated by her impending retirement. She is not appreciated of the AARP jokes that Aileen has been making to her.
(Though arguably, it would be most appropriate to recommend retirement pensions to Kirsten or Addy, who are entering their sesquicentennials soon.)

All the while, we made the trip and now are relaxing (not really) at the beach. We've done sunrise yoga at the beach, watched the stars come out over the bay, bicycled in pursuit of a paddleboarding shack (where we will be paddleboarding today- exciting!), taken walks along the boardwalk in the rain, you know, that sort of dream-o-matique entertainment.

 And so, without further digression, we present, 'By the Bay', a photo shoot with our very own 
Ruthie Smithens.

Here I am! It is I, Queen of the Sea, who shall soon sail to the faraway land of Archivia.

I raise my palms and guide my subjects!

(I smell salty breezes)

A shyer moment, for I am actually very afraid of leaving my friends.

I look to the horizon, waiting for what may be.

What comes next?

I love you all and I hope you will write to me as I board my ship.

With that, we will close shop and see you again, dear and departing doll lovers, all.