Monday, November 17, 2014

'Our New Look!' - a news update


Our site is currently under construction to make it better, bolder and completely awesome!

We like exclamation points!!

Cora has finished updating her page, and Blaire is updating her page as we speak.

We hope you love our new look as much as we do. :)

Monday, November 10, 2014

'Grateful Blogger Award!' (In Latin!)

Doll Daydreams ( tagged us with the Grateful Blogger Award! Our first!

We are so happy!!

We took the following rules from her page:

Here are the rules:
  • Thank the person who nominated you, they will surely appreciate it! Also, leave a link back to the person who nominated you.
  • Write ten things you are thankful for. Here's the tricky part though, you can't just say you are thankful for gum or video games, or whatever "little" things you want to discuss. Think deeply about what is important to you. Explain why.
  • Tag ten other bloggers; our goal is to tag everyone. Comment on the blogs you nominated so they know you tagged them.
  •  Add the pic above to your sidebar or award page and thank the person who nominated you.
(I thought we'd have some fun, so I wrote it in Latin) :D

We are grateful for:
1. Deus
2. Mea Mater
3. Mea Pater
4. Mea Frater
5. Mea Soror
6. Mea Amicas
7. Mea Pupae
8. Mea Villa
9. Porcus Spina
10. Dormus 

(And no, I didn't look them up- Latin is a hobby of mine. Said the dork.)

Okay, what it really says is that I am thankful for God, my mother, father, brother, sister, friends, dolls, house, porcupines and sleep.

I tag:
2, Bella and Lulu (
6. Elizabeth and Chrissa (

Thanks again!


Monday, November 3, 2014

'Falling into Autumn' - a photo shoot

Hello, and happy November! 

(And a belated Happy Halloween!)

Kirsten and Addy took one look at the overcast, drizzling day (a bane for all photographers) and what did they do?

They asked to do a photo shoot!

Well, I guess so...

Here are the shots!

(Aileen had fun editing!)

Enjoy your week!

Cora + Addy + Kirsten

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Grace-- 'Dog of the Year 2015'

Hello! My name is Grace! I am a Basset Hound and I Like to Capitalize Letters like Winnie the Pooh does!

I am reporting from the nice ladies Blaire and Cornelia's house. My Master is Kit Kittredge, who has instilled in me a Love of News and Reporting.

Using my Mad Dog Snooping Skills, I have Deduced & Rejoiced that the next Girl of the Year (GOTY for Those Who Like Abbreviations) is--


I am the 2015 Dog of the Year! Huzzah!

(I apologize to Marie-Grace Gardner, who was retired This Past Summer. She is not the GOTY 2015, and nor is Gotye [because he's a Man].

I hope to Post more often now that I have Figured Out How to Work a Keyboard.

(Blaire and Cornelia have a Wider keyboard than My Dear Kit does. So that makes it easier for me to punch-press with my paws. Woof, woof!

Puppy Love,


Sunday, October 12, 2014

'Wondering and Wandering' - a photojournal entry

We have missed you! Welcome back!
Samantha and Charlotte are falling for Fall, and they wanted to share their afternoon with you.

Sam is ruffling her feathery bangs in the crisp wind. 
(She's also wishing she brought a jacket)

Charlotte's climbing a dead tree and posing.
(She's so lovely)

Samantha is au naturale, a leaf as her crown and branch as her scepter.
(She's so strong)

A game of hide and go seek is interrupted.
(They're so posed)

She's all that

Boots by Pumpkins

By the gate

Punk Rocking on a Rock

Enjoying your pumpkin-flavored products? Neither are we. 
(Though we are loving the cinnamon pine cones!)

What's your favorite thing about the fall?


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

AGC on Google Plus!

Hey guys, its Kirsten. I wanted to let everyone know that AGC is finally on Google Plus! We have always had an account, but we never used it. Now we are going to use it frequently and keep you updated on all of our whereabouts! We're all super excited at AG Collage, and we hope that you check out our new page! If any of you guys want to recommend any social media sites that we can connect with you on, please comment them down below!

See you later!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Best Three Pre-Autumn Etsy Listings

Hey there! Longtime no see! Well today we are going to talk about our favorite website of all time: Etsy. We're sure you guys have all heard of this great place, so let's jump right in. Right now is pre-autumn, so its a great time to get ahead of the game and buy some cute clothes for the fall! 

1.Brown Linen Paper Bag Skirt- 
I am definitely in love with this Janie Jumps skirt! It is so perfect for the fall, and the best part about it is that the chocolate brown color really goes with anything. You can pair it with a sweater, a tee shirt, a blouse, anything! Definitely versatile for the chilly days, and the warmer days! Perfect for layering, too. Totally recommendable! 

2.Melody Valerie Couture Lisianthus Dress in Brown Floral-
Another great Janie Jumps listing! We love this dress because it is also in the trendy color chocolate brown, and it would literally look amazing with a pair of tights and some ballet flats. Super great look!

3. Handknit Sweater Vest in Variegated Royal Blue, Fuschia, Green Wool
Sweaters are a staple of Autumn, and who wouldn't want a cute Lavenderlore sweater on their AG doll? These colors are also a beautiful twist on the classic fall neutrals. 

Well that's it for our pre-autumn listings! Make sure you check out these two great Etsy shops and keep checking out our blog for new posts. See you guys later!